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Secret About Vegan Sweets

What’s The Big Secret About Vegan Sweets?

Secret About Vegan Sweets?

… they’re delicious!

It’s a common misconception that anything vegan isn’t as tasty as something that contains dairy or gelatine.

That may have been true a couple of decades ago, but now, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  

In fact, most people would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between vegan and non-vegan treats in a blind taste test!  

West London Pick & Mix vegan sweets are some of the best on offer, and when you’re building your ‘create your own’ bag, you’re likely selecting a ton of vegan goodies without even realising.

Why Aren’t Standard Sweets Vegan-Friendly? (Secret About Vegan Sweets)

For those who’ve never considered living an animal product-free lifestyle, it might come as a surprise that some foods that we see as everyday treats can actually be non-vegan-friendly.  

Of course, it’s pretty obvious that a ham sandwich is going to be out of the question for your friendly neighbourhood vegan, and most people will probably also realise that a milkshake or slice of extra-cheesy pizza will also be a no-no.  

But when it comes to sharing out the snacks, surely a couple of fizzies or gummies won’t be a problem for your vegan best mate? Well, in fact, they just might be.  

Gelatine is the main thing used in sweets that stops them from being vegan friendly. Dairy products of course are another obvious culprit, and you’d be surprised (maybe) by how many of your fave sweets contain beeswax.  

The keen carnivores among us won’t be fazed by a little bit of gelatine; but as its usually from pig and cow bone, it’s certainly not a vegan’s vibe.

Secret About Vegan Sweets?

Does That Mean No Treats For You Vegans Out There? – Secret About Vegan Sweets

Don’t worry, we can reassure you that the answer to this question is absolutely not!  

Before you start panicking about what your newly vegan bestie can chow down on the next time you head to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster together, the good news is that there is a perfectly vegan-friendly alternative.  

Gelatine can be replaced with agar agar; a plant-based product that is derived from seaweed and that can be used as a thickening agent in the same way as gelatine to create yummy, chewy sweets that taste every bit as good as the regular alternative.  

I bet you didn’t think you’d be learning so much from West London Pick and Mix today!

Neither did I to be honest… I only started this blog to tell you how good my vegan sweets were… but here we agar…

So which tasty numbers am I referring to? Flying saucers, mermaids, meerkats, giant strawberries, fizzy cola bottles (yep! It’s true!) and many, many more.

Check out the West London Pick & Mix ingredients page or head over to ‘create your own’ where each vegan sweet will be marked with a handy VG symbol so you can be sure that you’re putting together a delicious assortment of treats that everyone can enjoy.

Why? Because life should be sweet, whether or not you eat meat!

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