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Sugar-Coated Success: Elevate Your Corporate Gifting Game with West London Pick & Mix

Corporate gifting… those two words can conjure up a world of possibilities and may bring visions of Alan Sugar to mind!

In the world of movies, corporate gifts tend to be exotic giveaways like bottles of champagne or swag bags of luxury items like those received by celebrities when they attend the Oscars.  

In the real world, though, different types of gifting can come under this umbrella term. The most obvious example is when a boss wants to treat their staff; say thanks for the hard work etc.

It can also mean dishing out free, branded goodies at an event (a way of advertising, dressed up as simple generosity).  Lots of companies like to gift their clients too, on completion of a contract. The big question, of course, is what makes a suitable corporate gift?

Sugar-Coated Success

Why Is Pick & Mix A Great Go-To For Corporate Gifting? – Sugar-Coated Success

Pick & mix has to be one of the best options for corporate gifting, whatever the nature of your business, and there’s one big reason for that; quite simply, how many people do you know that don’t like sweets. 

A couple perhaps, but they’re likely very strange and more likely to be mere acquaintances than your bosom buddies – I mean, could you ever really trust someone who doesn’t love fizzies?  

I’m certain all your good pals love sweets. And of course, with West London Pick & Mix (just for example), we’re not talking about any old sweets. We’re talking about fresh, moreish, cinema-style pick & mix from the heart of West London, and it doesn’t get better than that!  

Something edible and sweet really covers all bases; and with vegan, veggie, gluten free and halal options available, no one needs to go home empty handed – something that couldn’t be more important when you’re trying to demonstrate how much your business cares about its staff and clients!

Sugar-Coated Success

Why Choose West London Pick & Mix For Your Corporate Gifting?

So, now that you’re convinced that sweets are the way to go for your next round of corporate gifts, the next step is to choose where to buy them from, and West London Pick & Mix should definitely be your first port of call. Why, you may ask?

Well, for two reasons really.  The first reason is as stated above (they’re bloody delicious sweets) but if that isn’t good reason enough, the second is the eco-friendly nature of the company.

Businesses these days don’t want to promote the use of single-use plastic, (which a lot of sweet companies use), and rightly so!

Here at West London Pick and Mix, we’re dedicated to doing everything we can to do our bit for the planet. We’re very strict about only using high quality sugar for our sweets, and we also only use eco-friendly packaging.  

All of our pouches are 100% recyclable, so it’s another way you can help your business on its way to achieving its environmentally friendly corporate goals. It’s a win win all around!

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